Aluminum Technology Aluminum Tubing, Forging and Welding

Pivot tubes are constructed from triple-butted and hydro-formed proprietary 6000 series aluminum. Every other part on the frame (other than the head tube) is cold forged. Forging is significantly more expensive, but yields a much strong, lighter frame.

Our aluminum frames are welded in Taiwan with key parts of the process handled out of the USA. We fabricate in Taiwan because the most innovative tube-forming capabilities, high-tech forging technology and the highest quality anodizing and laser-etch finishes all come from Taiwan. From the US, we supply key machined parts, special US made proprietary weld rod, and high tolerance pivot parts which are all made in our Tempe, Arizona facility. Frames are completely alignment-checked and assembled in at Pivot as well. In addition, Pivot manufactures some of our own tooling and provides these special fixtures to our partner in Taiwan.

This rather unique process gives us the ideal combination of resources to make the world’s best aluminum frames.