Weldtite Bike Essentials Kit Lube

Code W6025
Description Weldtite Bike Essentials Kit

Our new Esstenstials Kit includes all the basics need to maintain a bike after every ride.

Kit contains:

- Dirtwash Citrus Degreaser (75ml)
- Dirtwash Sprocket Brush
- TF2 Performance All-Weather Lube (100ml)
- Cyclo Tyre Leavers (x3)
- Cure-C-Cure Puncture Repair Kit 

TOKEN TF37 386 Ninja BB Frame:PF30, Crank: BB386 Black

TOKEN TF24 Ninja BB Kit, boxed BB86/BB30/PF30, Shimano Black, include install tool

WTB - Byway 650C x 47 Road + TCS Tyre (Tan Skinwall)