JB Light Weight 203mm Rotor 136g

Code JBBR-23
Description JB Light Weight 203mm Rotor

  • For seriously weight conscious or the competitive cross-country riders, every gram saving can make a huge difference on race day.
  • The JetBlack Light Weight Rotors are a must have as they are the lightest stainless steel rotors on the market.
  • When one factors in rotational wheel mass, every bit of weight saving makes a massive difference.
  • JetBlack rotors are manufactured from 410 Special High Grade stainless steel specifically for disk brake use.
  • They are double ground to achieve ultimate flatness for superior braking performance in the wet and dry.
  • The rotors are heat treated in manufacture to provide excellent disk wear and the unique design provides awesome heat dissipation through rapid air circulation.
  • Weight: 136g

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